Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Love Dare - Day 6 - Be loving

Day 6: Be Loving

For many people this task will not be easy, nonetheless it is extremely important. 

We live in a world where time is a luxury, everything is rushed, there is not time to waste and we are ruled by the infamous “stress.”

With such a frantic lifestyle it’s common to see couples drifting apart and treating one another with extreme irritation but everything comes down to a decision…


Love Dare- Task #6

“You are going to decide! Look here, this is not a matter of circumstances… Today you are going to decide to react in a loving manner, no matter what situation your marriage is in. You will need to stop and think before reacting… Reacting in an irritated and aggressive manner will transmit “negative energy” to your spouse who will in turn retaliate with the same the same behavior.”

(Based on the book Love Dare.)


I believe that this will be one of the most difficult tasks because the last thing we want to do when we are angry is stop to think. Nevertheless, how many times do we end up regretting our actions after reacting hastily while upset?


I am not saying that you should put up a guise, on the contrary, you should indeed act wisely and that may imply that during the heat of an argument your best defense is to stay silent.


My advice to you is to keep a glass of water near at all time, if worst comes to worst just fill your mouth up with water!


Most times great part of your irritability is due to the lifestyle you sustain. See what can be changed…

Set aside some time to unwind and relax.


Pick up a hobby.

Even walk around the shopping center!

These are only some examples… Analyze your life today and DECIDE!


  1. What if your partner wants u to speak back afterwards and thinks it is rude to stay silence?
    Plus how can u show more love when the other person sometimes is a bit off at moments?

  2. It's true, I come from a family where they think it's rude to stay silent when you are spoken to. What happens then?

  3. Girls, what I meant with keeping quiet is when things are going to turn into an argument. You can choose to defend yourself or just let it go.
    You know, if one decides not to argue, then there won't be any...

    You can reply, but watch yourself and what you are going to say...

  4. Nothing happened today everything was so smooth, no disagreements, there was total understanding between both of us.

    Charlene (Namibia)

  5. I realy thank God because there is nothing impossible for him. Because now I learned how to think first before I give any answer to my husband in any circumstances.
    Rosalinde (Namibia)

  6. This day was hard for me.I had to hold my self to say that will make my husband angry even he was sad, I try to put my feelings aside and use my maind to carm him down.

    This teach me that if I learn to put my feeling aside and use my maind every day my marrige will be excelent,never to answer before I think.


  7. È verdade que as vezes cometemos muitos erros por agir sem pensar primeiro, nos deixamos levar pelo nervosismo e por outros sentimentos maus, e é como sra falou isso só piora os nossos problemas, quanto a mim vou aceitar esse conselho de ter sempre um copo com agua por perto quando estiver chateada.

  8. Today was wonderfull day, we spend it togthter and it was easy to be carring

    Aina Namibia

  9. Nothing really happened today, but i am realy learning a lot from this love dare, till tomorow


  10. I thanks God because nothing realy go bad.and im getting to know new things.


  11. i like caring for my husband its very easy today because everything is ok,i want to try and practise this love dare when i am angry because then it will be a challenge.


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