Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Love Dare - Day 8 - Don't envy, don't hold grudges

It may seem impossible and if asked you would probably deny it, but many times you envy and resent your spouse without even realizing it…


You know the times when he gets home after a tiresome day and sits on the couch to watch TV while you’re in the kitchen preparing dinner?


The times when he gets back from his Saturday morning jog while you’re stuck at home with the kids?


When he sleeps peacefully through the night while you constantly wake up to care for the crying baby?


That’s right! And these are only a few examples in the midst of so many situations that occur in a couple’s day to day life.


Not knowing how to deal with these situations and emotions has led more than a few couples to divorce. Clearly, it is not due to one in particular, rather an accumulation of many of these situations.


Envying his position in the family or resenting him is evidently not the right way to go.


 Love Dare- Task #8

“Today you will write a list of situations in which you perceive that you resent your spouse. Analyze the list and think about ways in which you can deal with those feeling in a different manner. Remember, you husband represents Jesus. If the Lord Jesus were in your living room relaxing while you were preparing dinner, would you feel the same way? Or would you be there happily preparing supper for Jesus, even if you were exhausted?”

Remember: a positive attitude can make all the difference!



  1. I find your advice really practical. I'm about to be married and it's like I'm storing up weapons against all problems. I've used some of them (as far as I can, not being married yet) and it's really helpful. This is an extremely useful tool for me. Please keep writing! God bless XxX

  2. This realy teach us a lot because women we like to bring back the pain of the past especialy when we get angry or irritated but day by day I'm learning how to erase my mind by the help of the Holy Spirit by knowing that what of the past is gone and I can not make it to be of the present anymore.

  3. This is something that we have to remember for the rest of our lives, sometimes we woman are so selfish we only think of what we did throughout the day we dont think about how hard our spouses work and then we are there complaining about him sending you a glass of water while he is relaxing. Iam gonna put this into practice everyday of my life cause he is representing Jesus.

    Charlene (Namibia)

  4. This true that woman we strenge creaters we only think of our self of what we like, want and roget that we have a responsibility on our shoulders that we have to take care of our husbands every day and night even if we have no strengh to do it is our duties to please them.

    They work had the whole day and when they come home is our job to welcome them with a sile on our face and to treat them as kings as they are Jesus him self and by doing that we are gloryfying the Lord Jesus in our homes.

  5. Is true many times we only think about our duties, (cooking, ironing, cleaning the house) we forget that our spouses also had a hard day at work and would really like when they arrive home to receive love by even just offering a glass of water or a nice dinner wich i know he will really like.


  6. Oh!its true many time we forget that God has given us someone to take care but its like the devil has blind us,when he is asking something simple to give him we think that he been bossy but we must put ourself in they shoes to see if we gone make it.but from now on i will realy do my best serve him like the lord Jesus is in front of me.



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