Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Love Dare - Day 13 - Solve the Problem

I was thinking about the task for day 12 of our Dare.

What is the reception like? How are they going to react in order to change the situation? Did they understand the message?

If your reaction was…

“Hey, that’s not fair! My husband doesn’t do any of the things I ask and if I don’t complain, then he’ll never do anything!

What's more is that if I don’t complain I will surely explode from saving it all inside of me!”

Know that you’re not alone, many women feel the same way, but there is a solution…I don’t know if you’re going to like it, but it works!

You know those tasks that you are always complaining to your husband about, the ones he never does?


Dare- Task #13

“You are going to take on these tasks as your own. By doing this you will solve your problem!”

It is very simple and maybe you continue to find that this just isn’t fair or too hard but it’s not in vain that we have called this purpose a Dare…

Let me explain…

When he throws his clothes on the floor and not in the hamper.

You will accept the task of picking his clothes off the floor and placing it in the hamper as your own. You will regard this as your responsibility and not his.


When he doesn’t put down the toilet seat.

You will accept the task of always putting the toilet seat down.

When he doesn’t take out the trash.

You will see this as your chore and so forth…

Once you take on these tasks as your own, then there won’t be a reason to complain or get angry!

The plus side of acting like this is that sooner or later your husband will begin to do things without you having to ask.

Many will even ask in what they can help!

It won’t be easy, in fact, you might feel a bit overburdened in the beginning but don’t give up because in the end it will be worth it!

The weak give up midway through the battle when the situation becomes more difficult. The victorious fight until the end and don’t accept failure!”

How about you, are you Weak or Victorious?


  1. Definitely a challenge...! But we can do all things...! I'm going to be victorious.

  2. OKay this is a challenge...
    But I will come out of this victorious no matter the circumstaces...
    "The weak give up midway through the battle when the situation becomes more difficult. The victorious fight until the end and don’t accept failure!”
    This really make's me want to keep on going,...

  3. I have long stop complaining about these things and i dont see them anymore as a problem or get angry about it and it realy helped my mariage.

    Charlene (Namibia)

  4. I realy thank God because He changed me from complaining about these things and he helped me to see these things as small things in my marriage and I dont complain anymore.

    Rosalinde (Namibia)

  5. This remind me of my first days in marriage when I use to do every thing without saying any words to my husband , complaining or remind him, I did it my self.

    Some times we woman we think that by keep on remained them to pick up things this is just sowing us that they are not responsible enough and we make them small in our eyes.

    Their aim is to come home and rest but not to hear complain form us, that why they leave shoes, computer and others things everywhere in the house, which is our duty to remove those things from them when they arrive in the house and by doing that we solve the problem.


  6. It`s true, complaining dont´t change anything and Mrs Fernanda you are right, if we see this things as our obligation for sure they will feel desire to do also.

  7. Sometimes we must understand that husband they are like children and if we keep on complaining we are gone end up felling headche, as for me i dont complain anymore because i learn that complain does not solve anything.


  8. When i complian i just make things worse,but when i stop complianing he sometime fix his mix complian does not help anything.

    Aina Namibia

  9. I realize when i was always complaining about the toilet seat,it was just "sorry, i wont do it again" always the same thing, but never did it. until i gave up and now im just quiet doing it myself. Now no more complaints DimorianNamibia


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