Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Love Dare - Day 2 - Gentleness

Let’s think about the negative words we tend to say without even thinking about it.

They come in different ways, sometimes as criticism, accusations or even to ridicule!

To help in our love dare, I have prepared a list of dangerous phrases we need to eliminate from our lives!

Here they go:

You never listen!

You always do this!

Let me do it, because you always do it wrong!

You think you know it all!

You are ridiculous!

Don’t even try you won’t get it!

You are boring!

You never know anything!

Look at yourself. Get a life!

The bible teaches us that we need to look and respect our husband as the Lord Jesus.

Now, read the phrases (or any other you usually say to your husband) again and put the name of Jesus in front of it… Just doing that I feel like sinning… May God have mercy on us!

Day 2: Gentleness

“In addition to not saying anything negative like yesterday, today you are going to practice at least one act of unexpected kindness toward your partner.” (Phrase based on the book “Love dare”.)

Now it’s time for you to use your imagination…


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  2. OMG! I'm guilty of saying the first two at least on a weekly basis. And even if I don't say it, I do often think about the forth one. Yes, I'm feeling pretty guilty at the moment but will strive to change this. Good advice.

  3. Sometimes we say these things without noticing how much harm they can do. Maybe we don't even mean it to be negative but can never tell how another person will receive what we say.

  4. Okay ..Now as I read the list this morning I giggled a bit, only because Unfortunately I do say some of those thing's ...
    But today was day 2 and I got through the day not giving in to any of those negative phrases that usually get said at least once a day...

    I did not think this was going to be a challenge but honestly today I did find my self curving those negative comment's and I am glad I did because I felt better about it....

    I am also reading my daily love dare's 1 day at a time...
    So I dont worry what is in store for tommorow...
    And now Mrs. Nanda I got 38 day 2 go..lol

  5. today was not so hard as well, i tried not to say something negative to him even though he made me agry today with something i just kept quiet. It was a great experience! till tomorrow.

    Charlene (Namibia)

  6. today i call him and ask how his day was and if he needed somthing.this is very hard for me but i do my best to look at my husband as Jesus himself even dow i dont say it but by my action i fail same times, this it peers my heart to see that my action is hurting Jesus him self by hurt him. Hendrina(Namibia)

  7. Agora me veio a memória o quanto tem sido facil dizer essas palavras e sim muitas vezes elas machucam.......Vou tira+las do meu vocabulário

  8. The whole day was nice , i was gentle full of love and peace.Until my husband made me angry, so i told God my God is this my test now, and wanted to something negative but I decided not to get angry and jst let it go! this love dare realy help a person. Dimorian (Namibia)

  9. Evening miss nanda, today was very peacfull and not alot of complications, and it made me to think before i say something to my husband.
    Aina namibia

  10. I think after reading task two and i try not to say anything negative to him.


  11. my challenge will be to stop using the word 'always' in my vocab when speaking to my husband, for instant if he did something more that once, its easy for me to just say 'always' and that is wrong.

  12. there are times i say things that are of no benefit to my marriage mostly when I'm angry and I'm working on it to change.



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