Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Love Dare - Day 9 -Recepção

You know when you enter a store and the saleswoman receives you with a grouchy face?

It’s funny how contagious “grouchiness” can be, because suddenly you’re all grumpy along with her!

On the other hand, if she receives you with a big smile and is helpful, you end up buying stuff you don’t even need just because she was so nice!

Now I ask you, what type of reception has your husband been receiving when he comes home?


How about when he wakes up in the morning?


How do you treat him over the phone?


In this new task you will…

Dare- Task #9


“…analyze what type of reception you have been giving your husband. If it has been a negative one, you will change your behavior today. A smile, a kiss, a caress, a hug… you choose. It may be difficult for some at first but make an effort! A smile doesn’t cost that much but don’t stop there, make it get better and better each day…”


  1. Hello Mrs. Nanda, so sorry I haven't gave you an update as often as I said I would.I alway's read and then say I am going to comment at night but then I go to sleep without leaving my feedback..
    So I decided to comment as soon as I read it ....

    Okay I will add the Love Dare is alot harder than I expected, I never realized how many time's a day I acted ugly or complained so much, and while I was doing it I didn't see the harm. but thank you for helping me see my mistake's alot clearer, and help to better myself and apply myself to be the Wife I need to be...
    Since I have been working to better my marriage I have seen alot of change's, and I feel like God showed me the Love Dare as another oppurtunity for change..
    The Love Dare is a challenge, But honestly it help's me examine myself and see how needy and inconsidrate I have been with my spouse ..Well Just wanted to update you but I am now off to Day 9...

  2. I have been doing this since i realized how uptight sometimes i have been when my husband would arrive but i havent been doing this everyday but i will do it everyday from now on cause it brings a very good atmosphere in our marriage especialy tuesday's that he comes back so tired. Like somedays, today i received him with a smile,hug and a kiss, it made him happy.

    Charlene (Namibia)

  3. Hi Mrs.Nanda, the day was nice and there is nothing much to complain,All a learn today is that I have to appriciate what I have, cherish and take care my husband every day I wake up I have to thank my creater of what he has done in all the corner of my life.


  4. yes is so nice to let him go with a kiss and well come him back with a kiss .iam so happy because iam learning a lot


  5. Its good whenever he come home to give him a kiss at the same time a hug it will make him fell at home but most of the time what i do i kiss him when he go but when he is back i do it sometimes but from now on i will.



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